How to Choose the Right LCD TV Mount

Usually, LCD televisions come with a tabletop stand as its standard accessory. You can make use of this stand right away or replace it if you have a better table or cabinet that suits your newly purchased television perfectly. For flat panel televisions, this is one of the options that you can consider.

But because of the simplicity of such 4-inch deep panels, a number of LCD mounting alternatives have emerged. They range from stylish pedestal stands with shelf support for AV gear, to wall-type tilting and swivel-arm TV mounts, to LCD TV ceiling mounts.

But whatever type of mount you choose, be sure that it comes with a mounting hole pattern that is VESA compliant. It is simply the standard measurement for flat-panel LCD TV mounts. There is the VESA 50, 75, and 100 as standard mounts and the VESA 200 for large-sized LCD TV models.

So which mounting type should you choose?

You can opt for a pedestal stand if the floor space will not be an issue. There is the pedestal-type floor stand that fits LCD TVs better than usual cabinets and tabletops. This type of television mounting is easy and is perfect for those with limited DIY skills. No need to drill holes in the walls since all you have to do is assemble the stand and position it to where you want your viewing area to be.

Another option would be to hang your flat screen on the wall through the use of wall mounts. There are several wall mount options that you can choose from. The three common wall mounts are standard fixed wall mount, tilting wall mount, and the articulated swivel-arm mount.

The fixed LCD mounts are the cheapest and the easiest to install. However, you may soon experience problems in cable connection because of the fixed feature of this type of mount. But if you have considered attaching cables of devices that you may use in the future, then you’ll have no problems.

The tilted and articulated-arm types add a little texture to the overall look of your mounted screen. It also has an advantage when it comes to cable connections because the interconnecting options are open. You can add more cables anytime you need to connect a device. There is also an option to change the viewing angle for a more comfortable home viewing.

Just remember to consider the weight and height of your LCD television when choosing a wall mount. Although your flat screen television may be extremely thin, its immense size still adds to its weight. Do not hesitate to ask professional assistance especially if you are choosing ceiling mounts or just wall mounting. Whatever it is that you choose, remember to consider safety first before style.

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FLEXIMOUNTS A09 Led Lcd Tv Swivel Wall Mount Tilt Bracket Cantilever 14″15″19″22″24″26″32″40″42″

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Credcam Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder-capture Your Brilliant Moment

Hello everyone, now release a new video recorder, which is not as the same as before. It can capture extreme moments. Especially when you are move, you can use this DVR to record the whole moment.

Capturing extreme moments require extreme tools, that’s why there’s the CredCam Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder. Whether it’s for hardcore sports or military/tactical applications, this state-of-the-art DVR will get the job done!

Lest see what functions this video recorder bring us:

1. Cutting edge performance
With the CredCam Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder, high performance comes at a low price. Along with 720×480 color video recording at 30FPS (frames per second) and fully integrated microphone and speakers, this DVR also features H.264 video compression for near-DVD quality footage. Even better, you get a 2.5 inch LCD screen that lets you see what you’re recording in real-time, as well as immediately review everything you’ve just recorded.

2. Fool-proof
How do you work this thing? Just connect the camera to the DVR and you are done! With the CredCam, there’s no need for extra power packs or connections. The camera fits securely yet comfortably on your ears to see everything you see and is super easy hook up, which means immediate operation on the field without costly delays. Along with adjustable multi-size design, you can shake, turn, move, or do whatever your extremeness needs you to!

3. Great for all uses
Slim size and weight makes the CredCam the perfect choice for tactical / weapons related uses. When every gram counts, this is the choice! But better yet, while the CredCam is specially designed for military, police, and security use, it’s also excellent for extreme sports, hunting and paintball, as a “life camera” for your life blog, and much more! Along with its high capacity lithium battery and external memory storage (with support up to a 32GB micro SD card), you can be sure this video recorder will last as long as you do!

After you record funny moments with CredCam, you can use the TV cables to connect your TV, and enjoy the funny of activity. Also you can analysis the certain moment in the TV.

The CredCam Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder is available now for your every need. If you are willing to learn more about this CredCam and other china novelty electronics, you can visit our website: Enjoy your shopping and make your life easy!

Mounting Concern – Miscellaneous Projector Mountings For Masterful Maintenance

The joy of home theater ownership is the wide spectrum of choices available for system components, room design, and presentation options. Although many home theater systems are mounted with telescopic arms or extended pipe to meet the needs of the viewer in larger viewing areas, some systems require a shorter mounting system. Rather than the need for adjustability in the length is the need for a very flush mount. When searching for the perfect mount in shorter mounting situations, there are flush options available.

For those home theater owners who need a combination projector mount, there exists a 4-in-1 projector mount. The product is so named because of the components that are included in the kit. There is a standard ceiling plate and there is a 9-to 12-inch extension arm. On the extension mount there is a base that has been cut at an angle in order to allow the product to be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or vaulted ceiling-mounted. For an added option, the 9-to 12-inch extension may be removed completely and transformed into a low profile mount. For most similar mounting kits, the adaptors or the housing may be removed and the mounts are converted from wall or ceiling mounts to flush mount products.

Naturally, one responsibility that comes with home theater ownership is repair and maintenance. For those who prefer a quick release option to easily service their theater components, there is a product referred to as a bayonet clip. The bayonet clip is designed in a bayonet mechanism, which basically makes it easy for overhead maintenance and repair. What happens typically is people put a projector up in an installation and they forget that eventually it has to come down. The problem often experienced is that with a lot of the products that are on the market, any type of service or maintenance requires a pair of pliers, an Allen wrench, or a screwdriver of some type so in order to remove the projector from its overhead mount. What the quick release clip allows is easy access and removal of the projector. The clip uses two round screw knobs for tightening and protection of the mount once the projector is installed and in place. All that is needed for removal is to loosen the two nuts and then activate the quick release clip and the product just slides off. When the projector is ready to put be returned to the mount after maintenance or repair, it simply slides back on and the two nuts are tightened. The quick release mount does not require any tools for overhead maintenance. Specifically, the quick release makes projector access much easier for the Pro AV crowd because a Pro AV Installer is typically working in environments in which they are installing large numbers of projectors in classrooms or office settings. Maintenance of the large numbers of projectors is much easier for the installers when overhead access is not part of the servicing process.

One final note regarding projection mounts is of particular interest to those individuals who are working on whole room media management systems where they have a receiver in close proximity to the projector itself. It is suggested that a bundled product be purchased that includes the receiver bay and also acts as the projection mount with an included adjustable bay. A slide bay locking mechanism is used, which is by itself a security projector mount. There are many options available; however, when you more costly projector mounts are being considered, the security projection mounts should take center stage in order to lock the product into the mount and protect it from avoidable damage.

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